Monday, July 24, 2006

At Least We Can Escape!

So what do you do when it's 112 degrees outside??? Well, when you're lucky enough to be teachers on vacation whose daughter is finally finished with six weeks of summer school, you escape to the coast! We left Rowdy, the beloved...and spoiled beagle, with his "dogparents" since we were worried about even leaving him in the backyard for the day with this infernal heat. After a stop at the Arroyo Grande Trader Joe's for some drinks and snacks, we headed for Bishop's Peak in San Luis Obispo for a hike. We didn't plan to make it to the top; it's a pretty challenging hike. We were a little...make that hiking, but there were some nice breezes occasionally. We hiked about an hour before deciding that it was time to head to Los Osos where we ate at the Little Thai Takeout. It was sooo good. My favorite was the special, Red Curry. It was spicy, but not "make you sweat" hot. After that, it was a short walk over to the Los Osos Farmer's Market. Let's see. We bought strawberries, raspberries, doughnut peaches, white peaches, and peach peaches,red cabbage, arugula, broccol sprouts, honey, and chai tea (Paige's new obsession)...Oh and some raspberry bread that I don't believe is even going to make it to tomorrow for breakfast. Kai had some money burning a whole in his pocket so we headed to Tom's Toys in San Luis where I bought my new little neice some adorable little leather shoes. They'll be perfect with the sweater I started for her yesterday. Yesterday was my birthday, and Russ said that I could only do things I enjoyed all day long, so...I knit all day long, with a few interuptions to open my birthday present, a beautiful pink ring I've been coveting for months and to eat my "birthday cake," a blueberry cheesecake that Paige baked for me all by herself.

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Helen said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! :)