Friday, July 07, 2006

Just Getting Started

It seems a little silly for me to start a knitting blog when I am in the middle of writing a master's thesis, but I somehow feel the need to catalog my knitting. Knitting has been a part of me for so long, but I can't account for twenty-five years of knitting with much concrete evidence. This is a sweater that I knit the first year Russ and I were married twenty-one years ago that I would still wear if I thought about it. I remember being so exicted about the yarn. It wa superwash wool from Italy. I can't even remember the brand. It couldn't have been too expensive since we were both just out of college and making minimum wage. That's not me modeling it, obviously, but Paige looks better in it than I do...She looks better than I do period!!


Russ said...

Is that sweater really hand made? I love it. Its not really fair using professional super models to show off your knits. Sorry, had to be truthfull

Onkel Stan said...

Well, Maybe the reason that Paige looks sooooooo lovely (and she does) is that she is closer to the age you were when you knit the sweater than you are now.

You would think that anyone working on their masters thesis would know how to spell their own name.

Russ said...

How can you sit here looking at a BLog when u should be feeling guilty about me sitting at home here and not at the concert!!:( BAdBAD