Monday, July 31, 2006

A Quick Trip to Ferndale

If I could live in any city in the United States, I would live in Ferndale, California.I consider the weather there perfect, although I've never lived through one of their rainy winters; I like that it's near the mountains and the ocean;I like the stately, old Victorians; I like that it's a farming community, and I like that Danes were some of the first settlers there. I would not have to live in one of the "butterfat" mansions that were built in the eighteen hundreds by men who became wealthy through dairy farming, I wouldn't mind living in some kind of Victorian though. Considering that even the most modest home in Ferndale costs around $500,000, I don't plan to move up here really soon, but I do consider any visit to the North Coast totally incomplete unless I have spent at least one afternoon walking around town and have climbed to the top of Russ Park at least twice. Today Paige and I made a quick trip over to Ferndale, which is about 10 minutes from my parents home, and visited The Foggy Bottom, an knitting/antique store that I have been visiting pretty much since my parents moved up here twenty years ago. The owner is nice although I can tell that she never remembers me. I couldn't resist buying some yarn for hat and some yarn for Paige to make a scarf with. I'll post them tomorrow.

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