Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's Still My Birthday Month!

My parents and in-laws have wisely decided that receiving checks for my birthday is the way to go. I agree with them, especially now that we are to the point financially that I don't need to spend my gift money on ViSA bills or car payments! We are just about to go on our family's first extended vacation of the summer, and my money is starting to burn a hole in my pocket. I already know that I will spend some of the money on M.A. Hadley dishes; unfortunately some of mine have met with some slippery fingers this year. I know that dishes don't sound like they have anything to do with knitting, but they do because I often choose the "lamb" pattern, and how close to knitting is that? I love their duck and cow patterns too, but my collection has a disproportionate number of lambs. I'm also, of course, considering buying a new knitting book. I'll have to admit that the problem with that is that I own soooo many already, and truthfully some of them are beginning to look the same after a while. I really like Mason-Dixon Knitting and Andean Folk Knits although I'm not sure that I will ever knit anything out of either one of them; Mason-Dixon is the more likely one though. I have loved the "literary" knitting book genre forever. I remember that I was so excited when Richard Rutt's A History of Hand Knitting came out. We were camping in Morro Bay, and I bought it at a long-defunct knitting store in town, and then returned to the campground and read it from cover to cover while Russ and a diaper-clad Paige took a nap. I was equally excited when No Idle Hands by Anne McDonald came out. It's kind of been down-hill for me since then. I like Wendy, and "the Harlot," and I enjoyed the "Knit Lit" series, but I have no desire to return to them over and over like I still do with the first two I mentioned. So, what do I do? i really shouldn't buy more yarn since I finished WAY to few items to deserve the stash I already have. I'm thinking of One Skein. I really like the pictures if for no other reason.

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