Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fourth Time's the Charm

I'm almost finished with one side of my pillow. Kitty thinks that it looks like the purrfect place to take a little nap. I'm not exactly sure what I will do for the back side. Maybe I will just knit a duplicate. I'll have to make a fabric cover of some kind for my pillow form since this pattern has some open spaces. I have to admit that this was the third or fourth time coming close to completing this. The first time I neglected counting the stitches as I should have, so I thought surely on the second try, I would be more careful and it would just turn out, but somewhere along the line I seemed to have gotten off again. I'm about through with tan, taupe, and any other lifeless colors for a while too. I'm ready for something with pink in it, like some socks. I can't quite imagine knitting mittens when it's 105 degrees outside. I want to knit my new little neice something, even though her father keeps putting obnoxious comments on my blog!

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