Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Hanging with the Hippies

We always spend some time in Northern California duing the summer, visiting my parents and just enjoying the fresh, usually cool, air and beautiful scenery. One of our mandatory visits is the Arcata Farmer's Market, which is held in the Arcata's town's square every Saturday. The produce is always fantastic, with lots of organics herbs, lettuces, and vegetables. It's quite an eclectic atmosphere. My husband always says that going to Arcata is like going back to the sixties, and in some ways it is like entering a time a good way, I mean!! Of course, my favorite part has to do with knitting. Sherria Tyler from Arcata Bay Llamas is always there with her spinning wheel. It's fun just to watch her spin; and that's what I do most years, but this year I couldn't resist one of her little knitted caps.She even showed me a picture of the llama who contributed the wool for the yarn she used to knit it. She sells yarns too from her website. I'm thinking that it would be fun to go see her llamas too, but I don't know if she's set up for that. It would be fun to spend an afternoon talking with her about knitting. She seems like a very gregarious person, totally in love with what's she's doing. I think that the little flowers she makes for her hats are so cute; there's something to add to my list of projects for this fall.

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