Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Beautiful Day on the North Coast

It's the next to the last day of our vacation, and we again made sure that we didn't waste it. We began our day by stopping at Wildberries Market in Arcata. We usually buy our favorite Zimmermann jam at the Fortuna Farmer's Market, but since they weren't there last Tuesday, we picked some up at Wildberries. I don't know if I would recognize their jam in a taste test, but they're delicious and a nostalic must for us each summer. I was tempted to buy some alpalca wool from Sherria at the Farmer's Market, but I have spent A LOT on yarn this trip. I made a rush visit to the
Boll Weaver (2748 E Street; 707-443-8145) in Eureka yesterday. I wanted to buy some bulky Brown's Sheep yarn, and they usually have a great selection. I made a b-line to the yarn I wanted and was out of there in five minutes tops. I plan to knit a "kitty bed" for one of Rowdy's "dogparents'" cats. They will never take money when they dog sit, so I thought a kitty bed would be the perfect gift considering that Rowdy probably gives their cats grief. Then we headed north to Patrick's Point and Agate Beach. Dogs are not allowed on most state beaches up here, so poor Rowdy had to stay in the car...but you guessed it...I didn't mind staying in the car and knitting for part of the time. It was about 60 degrees out and a little misty, so I rolled down the window and knit for about an hour. Russ and I traded places, so I did hike down to the beach, but I wouldn't have minded knitting another hour!

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