Saturday, August 12, 2006

Insomnia isn't ALL bad

I teach English at a high school, but for the last year, I have also been in charge of our school's webpage. I now teach two classes in web design and I love it. I asked to be given some hours to work this summer doing updates, and my superintendent denied me; however, he did approve having two nice- sixteen-year-old "computer geeks" to work on the web this summer. I would have liked to have had them work under my supervision, but it's not a good idea to facilitate being treated like dirt, so I had no hand in what they worked on basically. Of course, now that school is about to start, those boys have all of this stuff that they did, redesigning the webpage that I'm supposed to integrate into our old one. Of course, they didn't pay attention to old file names, links, etc. I am highly irritated, and I'll admit that I have residual bad feelings about the superintendent thinking I'm a good doormat. So last night I was working on getting the teacher's pages ready for the new teachers on Monday until about 11 o'clock; I went to bed and just lay there....and lay there...and lay there. Finally, I just got up and started knitting on the bunny slippers. I knit until 4 o'clock in the morning and nearly finished them. I got up this morning and finished them off, and I feel better today. I used to have this kid in class who would always say to me, "I see how you are." I feel that way about administrators. If you just acknowledge that they rarely have motives that are actually in the best interest of students and teachers, then you can move on from there. It's still frustrating when they create situations where you look incompetent.

Bun Bun says that these slippers are almost as cute as he is. They were easy to knit and even better, there was very little finishing required. You just pick up stitches around the tops to make the cuff.


Laura said...


That Bun Bun. I don't think he's too amused at having those bunny slippers (adorable) share his cage. LOL

Bummer about the super. Very frustrating. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I love your bunny slippers!!! they are so cute.. Could you tell me where I can get the pattern? I would love atoa make them>>>>
If so, thanks