Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to Go Back to Work

I have taught a night class all of this summer at our local community college. It was been a great experience except for the fact that I've worked all summer when I'm used to having most of the summer off. I took off last week for our vacation, and had a fellow English teacher sub for me. Now I must return to the real world of work (If one can consider three hours of work a day work) I start meetings at the high school next week and that will be real work! Of course, the less time I have, the more I want to do creative things like work in the garden or knit. I'm not really happy with my latest sweater for my neice. I think the sleeves may be too long, and my solution of lengthening the entire sweater with some knitted lace doesn't quite do it for me. Oh well, Quenby (I spelled it right, Stan) won't care, and I know that her mom will love the little leather shoes I bought to match the sweater even if she doesn't care for the sweater.

When we stopped in Ukiah yesterday, we had one goal to eat at Schat's Bakery, one of the best bakeries I have ever seen. Everything in there looks so good. We bought a free-form sheperherder's loaf of bread and bought some sandwiches too. I had noticed that there is a yarn shop not far from Schat's, but I had never had time to check it out. While Russ and the kids waited for the sandwiches, i ventured over to Heidi's Yarn Haven. There was a group in there happily knitting socks. i was quite envious, so of course, I bought some sock yarn, even though that's about the last thing I need. I also bought a pattern for some Fiber Trends bunny slippers because they had some of them on display and they are adorable. I started knitting on them on the way home, but I decided this morning that I wouldn't have enough yarn to make the medium size, so I started over with the smallest size.
I don't know who is going to need size 3 month bunny slippers, but I don't care because the yarn I'm using has been a wonderful experience just to knit with. The yarn is Nashua by Kristin Nichols. I'm using "pretty pink" and "natural" in Julia. It's so incredibly soft. I just like holding the skeins and sweezing them.


James said...

Those slippers do look quite funky (if a bit small). I'm looking for people to do art style swaps and wonder if you would like to perhaps participate in one of my projects - please take a look at my blog artfornomoney.blogspot.com for more info. Hope it takes your interest!

Onkel Stan said...

You nailed that name quite solidly!

You are the BEST!