Saturday, August 19, 2006

Eye Candy....Saturday, I guess

Yesterday was Kai's twelvth birthday, so I didn't really have time for "Eye Candy Friday," but I had several pictures that I had planned to post, so I'll just post them today. The first one is of a little Hummel figurine that Russ and the kids gave to me a long time ago for Christmas. Russ has always been good about "respecting" how much I love knitting. He really doesn't know anything about it, but he used to enjoy walking by me and telling me not to "drop a stitch." That finally got old, but he does still tease me about it periodically. The Hummel was such a nice and unexpected gift. I think that there are several other "knitting themed" Hummels, but they are soooo expensive and it's really superfluous for me to want more...mmmmmm. Hummels are special to me also because my mom had several of them as I was growing up and my grandma collected them. I remember them displayed in her hutch. If I remember right, my mom had given many of them to her as gifts after my grandma had babysat for her and my dad. My mom has all of them now, but most of them are chipped because they were victims of the 1994 Humboldt County earthquake.

My second picture has nothing to do with knitting. It's a picture from our vacation a couple of weeks ago. Our beagle, Rowdy, is running along a tree that came crashing down Guthrie Creek (usually just a trickle) to the beach last Christmas after the endless rains in Humboldt County. There are large branches from other large trees sticking out of the sand like spindly saplings all along the beach now. Guthrie Creek is not a "lay out and get tan" beach, but it's one of my family's favorite places to go, and obviously Rowdy loves it too.

I'm a bit long winded today, but I am once again procrastinating because the next item on my list is finishing my final proposal and beginning to actually write my thesis. This is much easier even though once I get started, I enjoy writing my proposal too. Kate, in her Knit-Geek Questionnaire asked us what one of our worst knitting habits were. I've decided that I need to change my answer. My worst habit is moving full steam ahead without planning. For instance, I knit one side of a pillow earlier this month. I got tired of that pattern, so I found another pattern to use from the same book, thinking they would end being the same size. Wrong!! Now I have two "fronts " but no back. Luckily I have enough yarn to knit both patterns again.

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Wendee said...

What a treasure! I adore your figurine!